Couples & Relationship Therapy

Couple and relationship therapy is at least half of my practice and I find it to be the most invigorating because so much change is possible. I will work with you to identify and work through the painful and stuck places in your relationship, and will support you in creating a different experience of one another that honors each partner. 

The approach I integrate in my work with couples is Relationship Life Therapy (RLT) developed by Terry Real. This model is based on the premise that it's actually disrespectful to you as the client not to let you in on the truth about what I witness regularly in my office as it plays out in your relationship in front of me: the ways you deal with your partner that are often counterproductive and self-defeating. You will find my style direct, yet compassionate; challenging, yet supportive. The change I aim for is not a superficial one, but one that transforms the relationship.

Issues addressed in couple therapy include enhancing connection, deepening intimacy, healing from affairs and restoring trust, addressing your vicious communication cycles, navigating differing needs and working through conflict. Many of the couples I see sought me out specifically because I specialize in sexuality, but many couples end up finding our work to be useful in many other dimensions of their relationship. Here are some other issues commonly addressed in couples sex therapy:

  • Refining and cultivating the art of eroticism in a long-term relationship
  • Navigating desire discrepancy
  • Questions about sexual compatibility
  • Couples with differing sexual templates or styles
  • Improving and fostering communication
  • Problems with pornography or out-of-control sexual behavior in one or both partners
  • Learning to connect through vulnerability
  • Developing alternative relationship structures (open/poly)

I am LGBTQ-affirmative and welcome people of all genders, sexual orientations, relationship configurations, and lifestyles.