Professional Consultation

I offer clinical consultation to psychotherapists, counselors and psychologists who are looking to explore and get help with cases that involve some aspect of sexuality they feel is beyond their training or scope of care. It can be frustrating to work with a couple or an individual in your practice and then, after some time, be presented with a complex sexual problem that you don’t feel fully equipped to address. You may wonder if it’s best to refer them out to a sex therapist, but perhaps the client wants to sort it out with you since so much trust has already been established - or perhaps they simply can’t afford it in tandem with their therapy with you. Here is where I come in. I offer either short-term or ongoing consultation to offer support and guidance so you can continue working with your clients and learn new skills to integrate into your practice.

I also enjoy working with clinicians who are themselves considering becoming sex therapists or are looking to broaden their clinical range and competency with a wider range of sexual issues.

Many times, strong countertransference can arise when working with unfamiliar or unsettling sexual material and we need a safe place to explore our own feelings and/or biases. A particular interest of mine is helping clinicians gain a more thorough understanding of how their own sexuality consciously or unconsciously influences the therapy services they provide. I believe that if we are to confidently guide our clients through the complexity of their sexuality, we must also do our own deep dive. And, being a therapist, we are constantly challenged to re-evaluate our beliefs about sexuality with every client we encounter. Human sexuality is complex, so it is no surprise that complex feelings are evoked when we accompany our clients through the maze of their own erotic mind.

I look forward to hearing from you. My fee for a 50-minute consultation is $175 and I’m happy to speak to you briefly before scheduling an appointment to make sure I can address your specific concerns. Send me a message here!