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Welcome! My name is Dylan Davies and I specialize in helping people find and define the sex they want.   

I'm guessing you found your way to my site because something about your current sex life isn't working. Or perhaps you want your sex life to go from good to great. You're in the right place.

Sex Therapy

I have experience working with a wide range of sexual difficulties people face that get in the way of pleasure and connection with their partner. Sexual problems are extremely common and sometimes we need a safe space to talk about them with a non-judgmental and qualified therapist. Expect sessions to be goal-driven and transformative. Please click here for a more comprehensive list outlining areas of specialization.

Couples Therapy

Are you best friends with your partner but looking to reignite the flames of passion and eroticism? Worried about sexual compatibility or a desire discrepancy? From infidelity and affair recovery to negotiating an open relationship, I can help you and your partner gain clarity and guide you to connect through increased vulnerability and sexual authenticity. Take the steps required to rejuvenate your relationship.

Group Therapy

Interpersonal group therapy is a powerful way to learn about ourselves and our relationships with others. An interpersonal therapy group is a group of people (usually 6 - 8 people) who meet together weekly to work through relational issues that lead to unwanted psychological symptoms or dissatisfaction in relationships. Learn more about this powerful therapy approach that can be done alone or in tandem with individual therapy.

Dylan Davies is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Professional Counselor. Her office is right in the heart of Austin next to the beautiful Pease Park.

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